Purchase Order Templates

Purchase order templates are additional tools which business owners can add to their resource set for managing their internal ordering processes. Templates necessarily have blocks for name and address of the ordering company, the name and address of the supplying company, details about the items to be purchased, along with terms and amounts due. PO templates can be regarded as report templates with specialized fields. Template users can create derivative templates and forms to handle transactions of different types, with unique financial or deliverable characteristics. Templates for each class of transactions need to spell out, clearly, the terms of each purchase.

Printed Carbonless Template Forms

Pre-printed templates for purchase order, sales order or work orders can be ordered from office supply stores or online printing operations. Standard sizes for such forms are half (5.5″ x 8.5″) page or full (8.5″ x 11″) page. Custom sizes can be ordered to meet specific needs. Typically the front side includes the company logo and contact information as well as the form. The back side is most suitable for legal information or detailed instructions. These are usually delivered as a stack of forms with incrementing numbers. Software templates are more flexible; report forms can be printed directly on blank paper of any colors to replace multi-colored, carbonless forms where duplicate copies are required.

Cost Advantage of Templates

Simple purchase order template forms can be a cost-effective solution to a new company’s purchase order challenges. There are several free and paid purchase order templates available online. These downloadable templates generally contain most of the standard purchase order fields that a business requires to submit orders to their vendors. Once a company starts to grow and needs to make regular purchases from multiple vendors, however, a database-driven, purchase order software solution will be unavoidable. OrderGen is designed to fill this need.

OrderGen Database Templates

The network version of OrderGen features the ability to have multiple templates defined differently by each network user. These templates can be shared with other users on the network so that when Jane looks at a PO created by John, it looks exactly how John designed it. Jane can also decide that John’s design looks much better than hers, so she can choose to adopt John’s template design as her own.

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